Winter can be hard on a property, especially if you live in an area that sees a good bit of snow and ice over the winter months. If your office space has seen better days, there are some things you can do to spruce up your space, and maintain it through the spring and summer. Let’s look at some property maintenance tips.

Check for Damages

1. Snow and ice can leave your office space in rough shape come spring. Flooring can easily be damaged by rock salt and other de-icers. By having floor mats in place before the winter weather strikes you can prevent some of the damage, but if you haven’t, a good cleaning can do wonders. If the damage is more than surface level, consider having your flooring replaced.

2. Wind and ice can also lead to damages on the exterior of your building, such as down siding, damaged shingles on the roof, or broken or leaking windows. As the weather warms up, now is a good time to check the exterior of your building to make sure no major or minor damage has occurred.

3. In addition to damage caused by weather, there is also damage that can be caused just by normal wear and tear. While you are taking the time to inspect the weather related damage, take a few minutes to look for signs of damage inside the office. For example, check that the bathrooms aren’t in need of repair, the ceiling tiles, etc.

Upgrade Where Necessary

4. Spring is a good time to give your office space a quick look over. If you find things that are worn, damaged, or no longer functional, it’s a good time to either eliminate them or upgrade them. Coffee pot no longer working? Now is a good time to toss it and replace it.

5. If your office walls are starting to look subpar, it may be a great time to invest in paint to spruce them up. Likewise, maybe your office furniture has seen better days? Spring is a great time for fresh starts.

Invest in Upkeep

6. You may notice during your visual inspection of your offices’ exterior that your landscaping leaves something to be desired. If your landscaping is sub-par, or the winter weather took a toll on your previously gorgeous lawn, now is a good time to contact a landscaper to get your property back in tip top shape.

7. And lastly, if you haven’t in the past, spring is a great time to meet with a Maryland office cleaning company. A cleaning company can help keep your space clean and organized, and your employees and customers happy. A cleaning company can work closely with you to develop the perfect cleaning schedule for your needs. If you previously worked with a cleaning company, spring is also a great time to re-evaluate and determine if you are happy with their services.

Getting your office back in great shape after a long winter doesn’t have to be difficult. Following these seven maintenance steps can ensure your office looks like a million bucks, leaving you, your employees, and your customers happy. If you are in need of a Maryland office cleaning company, give us at Commercially Clean, LLC a call today!