We’ve all waited for the weather to warm up, but spring showers and flowers make office cleaning more difficult. You don’t want your staff to cough and sneeze the season away. We have five helpful tips below that explain why spring can make office cleaning difficult and how to avoid these issues going forward.

How pollen makes your office difficult to clean

#1: Pollen

Everyone loves spring weather…and everyone hates pollen. Not only will pollen coat every surface outside your office, but it will blow into your office through windows and doors. Routine cleaning keeps pollen and allergens out of the office, and it also enhances the appearance of your business. (Be honest with yourself — no one wants to work with a company with a storefront or entryway that’s covered in pollen.) At Commercially Clean, we can fix that.

#2: Rain

While rain can wash the pollen away, it also lingers on the floor as people enter and exit the building. Your pristine marble floors in the foyer don’t sparkle after a rainstorm. The welcome mats soak up water and leave stains in the shape of a rectangle. Plus, footprints traverse every inch of the building, leaving behind a trail of people who’ve been walking through all day. 

#3: Mud

Mud is worse in the spring because warm temperatures allow for muddy puddles in any rainstorm. Just as footprints from rain cross your office, stains on carpets and gunk from muddy shoes can easily detract from the appearance of your office. 

#4: Dust

Just as pollen blows into the office, dust can accumulate everywhere. This is especially problematic because you open windows to let in some fresh air and save on cooling costs. Unfortunately, this makes the desks, shelves, filing cabinets, etc. much dirtier.

#5: Windows

As rain splatters on your windows, it can leave smudges that refract bright sunlight. There’s nothing more distracting than an extra beam of light glancing off the window and in your eye. 

Professional Office Cleaning from Commercially Clean

To avoid the problems the spring season causes, work with our professional Maryland office cleaning team at Commercially Clean. Our team can clean pollen, remove dust, scrub floors, wash windows, and ensure your office looks perfect so you can stay productive, impress your guests, and keep your staff healthy. Call us or contact us online for more information or to schedule an appointment.