Benjamin Franklin once said nothing in life is certain but death and taxes, but we like to think you can add dirt and dust in there as well. No matter what you do, trying to keep dirt and dust out of your home or business is a never-ending battle. The best way to keep your commercial space clean is to work with an experienced Maryland commercial cleaning company, but we wanted to take some time today to talk about a few things you can do to overcome dirt and dust this summer.

1. Clean Your Feet

One of the easiest ways to limit your commercial space’s exposure to dirt and dust is to encourage your employees to clean their feet when they walk in. You should make sure to have a quality rug for them to do this at. You should also provide them a place to place their jackets and umbrellas, this place should also be near the entryway.

2. Keep Your Doors Closed

No we’re not telling you to close down your business, we mean literally. Many businesses will open up their doors in an effort to let a breeze come in, but this can also allow dirt and dust to come in. Keeping your doors closed is a great way to prevent dirt and dust from entering your place of business.

3. Have Your Office Vacuumed Regularly

Inevitably dirt and dust is going to get into your office, and once it’s already in there the best way to remove it is to have a professional Maryland commercial cleaning company regularly vacuum your floor. You can have them come out weekly, biweekly or monthly, the more often they come the cleaner your floors will be.

4. Treat Your Employees Well

You should treat your employees with respect simply because it’s the right thing to do, but if you need a reason, we’ve found over the years that employees who feel respected tend to treat their workspace with more respect. So, if you want your employees to treat your commercial space well, treat your employees well.

5. Work with a Professional Maryland Commercial Cleaning Company

Here at Commercially Clean we’ve been providing Maryland small business owners with our cleaning services for a long time, and we hope to do so into the foreseeable future. Keep your office space looking spotless by working with an experienced Maryland commercial cleaning company. Our team of professional commercial cleaners is standing by ready to assist you in any way possible, so give us a call today.