It’s no secret clean environments are more conducive to productivity. Messy, cluttered spaces can leave us feeling unproductive and overwhelmed, while a clean, tidy space can help clear our head. Office spaces are no different, and messy work environments can have a negative impact on productivity and morale. Let’s look at some ways a dirty or messy workspace can impact employee productivity.

Health and Air Quality

First and foremost a dirty office can impact employee health. A dirty work environment can cause respiratory issues and health problems in both the short term and the long. Additionally, if your office has a shared bathroom or kitchen, these health issues may spread quickly. These health problems can in turn cause absences, and as a result a decline in productivity. By keeping your offices clean, especially in offices with shared areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, you can help keep your employees healthy and productive.

Employee Focus

Cluttered spaces lead to cluttered minds. It’s no secret a neat and tidy workspace helps employees focus and be more productive. Working in a dirty or messy environment makes focusing and productivity difficult. Whether it’s having clutter and dust on a desk, or a trash can that’s overflowing, these things can become a major distraction. By having a clean and tidy workspace employees can focus on their jobs rather than on their frustrations with the office.

Employee Satisfaction

Going hand in hand with employee health and employee focus, having a clean workspace can help with employee satisfaction. Having a clean office brings a sense of pride, and that pride translates to a more productive workday, and happier and healthier employees.

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Bonus: First Impressions for Prospective Clients

In addition to the health and happiness of your employees, maintaining a clean working environment also gives a good first impression to prospective clients who may stop by your office. Customers or clients will take your business more seriously if your office is well maintained. Companies that take pride in their workspace are more likely to take pride in their work, in the minds of potential clients.

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