If you run a business and manage an office, keeping it clean and tidy is important for several reasons. Whether you meet with clients regularly in your office, or you manage a large team of people, having a clean and organized space makes a huge difference in productivity.

But how do you decide how often your office needs a professional cleaning?

That answer varies for each company based on a few factors. Let’s look at some of the major factors which can help you decide how frequently you should be having a professional clean your workspace.

Office Size

The amount of employees who come into the office each day for work is a major factor in how frequently you will need a cleaning service. If you manage a small office of just three to four people then weekly cleaning may be unnecessary, but managing an office of twenty plus people can be a lot to handle. And frequent office cleaning may benefit you.

Another thing to consider is what types of areas or space your office has. If your office has a kitchenette or full kitchen and a breakroom—a regular office cleaning service may be recommended. No matter how diligent everyone in the office tries to be, common areas like kitchens and bathrooms get dirty fast.

Office Cleaning Frequency

Office Purpose

The second major determining factor in deciding on a Maryland office cleaning schedule is the purpose of your office.

Do you run a company with frequent client meetings? A studio or showroom with displays for customers? Or maybe you own a construction company and contractors and builders frequent your building with muddy or dusty boots.

If your office frequently hosts client meetings or your employees work outside, you’ll want to set up a frequent cleaning schedule to keep your office in tip top shape.


The final thing to consider is your budget for a cleaning company. Many cleaning companies can work with you on services that can meet your needs while staying within your budget. It is important to consider the value a cleaning service can add to your office, both in time savings for you and your employees, and in the overall appearance of your space to your customers.

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