Finding quality companies to work with can always be a challenge. You want to find a company that is a good match for your company and who can meet your needs while providing exceptional service. When looking for a commercial cleaning company it is important to know what qualities to look for to find a good match. Let’s look at some things to look for when hiring a cleaning company for your business so that you can rest assured knowing you have the best commercial cleaning company for your business.


One of the best ways to narrow the search for a Maryland commercial cleaning company is to look for recommendations and reviews. Reviews speak volumes about a company and honest reviews can help you weed out several companies quickly.

If you network with other businesses in the area, ask what companies they use and whether they like them or not. Getting the honest opinions of your peers can help you find great companies to meet with and interview.


Once you’ve found a few companies to meet with, you’ll want to discuss their scheduling and availability with them. Can they work around your schedule in a way that’s not invasive or disruptive to your employees’ workflow? If it is not practical to have people in the office cleaning during the day are they able to come in the evening?

These questions are important to discuss with potential cleaning companies. And if they cannot meet your schedule, there is most likely another great commercial cleaning company in Maryland out there who can.


Budget is another major factor to consider when selecting a commercial cleaning service. Is the company willing to negotiate a budget based on your particular needs? Some companies will work with you to determine what services you’ll need, and what tasks you can cut to lower your overall cost. While quality shouldn’t be sacrificed for the bottom line, it is also important to make wise financial decisions for your business.

Finding a good Maryland commercial cleaning company for your business can be a challenge. By preparing ahead of time you are setting yourself up in a good position. By asking for customer reviews, and by asking your peers you can create a small list of potential companies.

If you are in search of a commercial cleaning service, call Commercially Clean today (410-317-4608). We believe we are the best commercial cleaning company in Maryland and we’d love to prove that to you!